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Fuel Your Garden

Mushroom Compost’s magic lies in its slow release action.

Every time you water your garden small quantities of nutrients is released, creating a nutrient-rich garden for months.

How To Prepare For A New Instant Lawn Installation

It’s very important to properly prepare the selected area and flatten the surface before the instant lawn is purchased:

Prepare the soil by adding the correct amount of Mushroom Compost. This will lessen the trauma on the grass roots by boosting it with nutrients and promote new growth.
Flattened the prepared soil and calculate the area size. A flat surface will make installation easy & effortless.

It is advised to plant the instant lawn the same day it was removed from the soil. Otherwise, the roots will start to ferment and the chances of a successful installation rapidly deteriorates.

Water the new grass for approximately 15 minutes twice a day for a week.

Treat the new grass with Mushroom Compost 2-3 days after installation. The Mushroom Compost in the soul and on top of the grass will boost the new grass with nutrients which will promote new growth for the roots and result in a thick and healthy lawn.

What Our Clients Say

Ek het sowaar nie gedink daar is hulp vir die gras van my nie… maar tot my verbasing het Mushroom Compost verseker gewerk!!! Leon baie baie dankie vir al jou raad en hulp… ek os happy happy!!

Michelle Mitchy Snyman 

#magicmushroom Hierdie is die shit! 🤪 Kyk hoe mooi lyk ons gras!

Zinta Kymdell

Ons gras het nog nooit so mooi gelyk nie. Fantastiese produk! Eks beslis n fan for life

Zelmarie Harrington 

This mushroom compost really is the best! We apply it to our lawn, in the flower beds and in the pot plants – every year since Leon sells it. What I like is that it’s completely odorless, easy to work with and 100% organic. Thanks for this product and your expert advice 

Meyer Combrinck 


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